Innovative Public Safety - Services

IT Managed Services

  • Managed Services and Technical Support

    • On demand technology support services

    • Proactive network and hardware monitoring and update services

    • All hours remote support available

    • Vendor technology vendor management and support escalation

    • Flexible contract terms for monthly or annual subscription models

  • Technology Advisory Engagements

    • Engagement base technology advisory and consulting services

    • Implementation and deployment complex solutions

    • Integrations of various connected hardware and software platforms

Public Safety Ops Consulting

  • EMS Revenue Cycle Management

    • Insight into expenses and reimbursements

  • Critical Incidents

    • Operational Continuity. and Emergency Management preparation and planning

    • Incident Response and Mitigation Advisory services

  • Public Safety Operational Assessment and Advisory Services

    • System efficacy and performance evaluations

    • Regional consolidation advisory services

  • Data Aggregation and Analysis

Mobile Connectivity

  • Installation and management of ruggedized vehicle mounted cellular data routers

    • Cellular based internet allows users to connected by ethernet or WiFi

    • Advanced routing and VPN functionality for HIPAA compliant mobile applications

  • Centralized management of mobile data devices

  • Vehicle technology upfit services

  • Solution design and site survey services for remote locations

    • Fixed and mobile antenna solutions for vehicle or building application where needed

  • LMRS to IP Bridging Services for Communications Interoperability

    • Combine multiple traditional radio inputs to digital channels on PTT cellular devices

    • One device can communicate across a variety of geographic locations regardless of local radio system