About Innovative Public Safety

The formation of IPS

In January of 2020 Jeff Gooch and Stephen Norcup formed Innovative Public Safety (IPS) to provide technical and operational advisory services to public safety organizations in the Pittsburgh region. To this end Innovative Public Safety and it's associates bring with them a commitment to provide professional and timely guidance when it can be most effective.

Having been involved in various facets of technology and public safety for the last two decades both Jeff and Steve know the needs of front line public safety professionals. While many vendors and technology solutions are available in the marketplace, it can be difficult to effectively integrate these solutions into daily operations to fully leverage the abilities of the tools.

We started by reaching out to our friends, colleagues, and coworkers to find out what their struggles were. As we became engaged with various organizations, we found that many have unique challenges but there are a few that seem constant.

Technology Consulting for Public Safety

Dependable and Reliable Fixed and Mobile Data Solutions

  • Real time video based telemedicine encounters

  • Transmission of diagnostic data such as 12 lead EKG's and waveform capnography

  • Data capture on tablets and laptops

  • Mobile Data Terminal and real time CAD access from the field

  • Personal connectivity for providers

  • Reference material such as protocols and HAZMAT guides

  • Mapping and GIS resources

  • Real time exposure tracking and monitoring solutions

Vendor agnostic technology integrations

  • Delivery of a new service or device is only the first piece of successful technology integrations

  • Clients often know there is capability but they struggle to implement it in meaningful ways

  • "It's difficult to think about machine learning when I'm trying to make sure everyone can log in..."

  • Innovative Public Safety can ensure all the pieces of the technology puzzle work well both independently and in conjunction with other technology products to benefit the client

Someone to call when it breaks

  • Many organizations can not justify the budget of a full time IT resource

  • Technology breaks after business hours however public safety works 24/7

  • Unreliable technology can have an effect on provider morale

IT Managed Services for Public Safety Organizations

  • Managed Services Solutions

    • Support for fixed and mobile networks as well as devices

      • Base site or station networks with WiFi internet for users

      • Cellular based routers with WiFi internet access for users

      • Vehicle mounted devices

        • Android tablets and phones

        • Apple tablets and phones

        • PC Laptops and other devices

      • Fixed desktop PC's and non mounted laptops

    • A contract based service agreement providing a suite of services

      • On call technical support

      • Proactive technology maintenance

      • Access to the IPS ticketing system for real time updates on issues

      • Monthly or quarterly reporting on issues

    • Flexible terms

      • Monthly and annual available

  • Project based engagements

  • Limited scope technology focused engagements combining extensive experiences with the IPS D4 project management structure

    • Discovery

    • Design

    • Deploy

    • Delivery

  • Vendor management

  • On call mitigation services for adverse events

    • Internet outages

    • Data breach or loss

    • Hardware failures

  • Review of technology vendor or policies

Public Safety Operations Advisory Services

IPS has gathered a group of individuals who are uniquely suited to address the frustrations identified while working with clients and reaching out to others in the market. With extensive education, vocational training, and decades of real world experience and application the IPS team members provide a collection of straight forward service offers to fit the specific needs and budget of your organization.

While many of our clients first engage with Innovative Public Safety with technology questions, it is not uncommon to discover that business and operational processes are in some way intertwined. Our team can solve technology problems and is equipped to assist further when overcoming a technology challenge crosses the line and requires additional expertise and consideration for front line public safety professionals.

Data aggregation and reporting

  • Reporting is often confusing unless the user has experience authoring reports

  • Concepts of EMR data validation can be difficult to apply without training

  • Clients can gain significant insight when leveraging report authoring and data validation concepts in their daily operations

  • Organizational Level Reporting and Analytics of Pertinent Performance Indicators

    • Aggregation of discrete data sources

      • Costs of services rendered

        • Operations

        • Clinical

        • Dispatch

      • Revenue of services rendered

        • Charges for services

        • Payments for services

        • Outstanding balances

    • Dashboard design customized to organizational roles and requirements

Public Safety Operations Advisory Services

  • The line between technology issue and operational process is increasingly difficult to define

    • Ensuring that operational processes are able to align with technology processes

    • Identifying innovative solutions for operational pain points

  • EMS Finance operations

    • Accurately identifying costs and expenses

    • Revenue cycle management

    • CMS Data Reporting Requirements for EMS

  • Adverse event and emergency management advisory services

    • Planning for operational continuity through adverse events

    • Response to an adverse event or critical incident within the organization

Fire suppression and EMS system analysis

  • Objective analysis and documentation of existing public safety delivery systems

    • Focus can range from a single organization to complete regional assessments

  • Fair and balanced recommendations based on feedback from all stakeholders

    • Innovative Public Safety believes that the first step in any change is enthusiastic participation from everyone involved

    • With this in mind we place a priority on ensuring that everyone's voice is heard

  • Consideration of regionalization strategies with a focus on models that already work

    • Effective taskforce design often evolves through tactical experiences

    • Allow IPS to explore opportunities to regionalize across political lines to build effective response models using the people and equipment that has already been proven to work through years of experience

  • Integration of service lines across fire suppression and EMS to effectively leverage minimal staffing